Terhitec Oy Brandt Ab


For the past 37 years, Terhi has been building and developing durable and safe boats for demanding conditions. Thanks to its unique manufacturing  technology and broad-minded attitude towards product development, Terhi has become a favourite and respected international brand in the boating world. 

Our extensive range of models means we have the perfect craft for all types of water and every different kind of need. A good example of the company's innovative product development is the increasingly popular Saiman Sunwind - an eco-friendly boat driven by a solar-powered electric motor.

Our range includes many well-known favourites that meet the needs of boat owners, an example being the Terhi 385, consistently the best-selling rowing boat in Finland from one year to the next. Our goal is to continue to develop boats, which can withstand the test of time and heavy use.

A Terhi boat is a wise choice, not only because of the manufacturing technology that goes into it, but also because of its durability, which enables it to maintain its value for a much longer period than normal craft can.

That's why we can promise you that Terhi will always keep you afloat!

Check out the Terhi-boat range at Terhi web-site.